An innovative
botanical extract

out of a special cultivar of Cucumis sativus,
commonly known as cucumber

with strong soothing activity

An innovative botanical extract
with strong soothing activity

Naturalea has developed an innovative botanical extract, out of a special cultivar of Cucumis sativus L., commonly known as gherkin or cucumber. The development has lead to a product with unique properties branded as Crownhealth Kyuri.

Laboratory studies on human dendritic cells demonstrated that the addition of Crownhealth Kyuri extract reduces the cytokines (TNF-alpha) provoked by inflammation state.

Human clinical trial demonstrated a serious soothing effect of Crownhealth Kyuri on skin damaged by exposure to IR radiation. The erythema provoked by the exposure to IR is soothed by Kyuri in a classical time-dependent way.

Natural soothing efficacy from cucumber

Reduction of eye puffiness, complexion improvement, sunburn relief are all reported effects in cosmetic literature and “common knowledge”. Crownhealth Kyuri brings science to the picture: a true innovation in cosmetics, while based on a long tradition of efficacy and safety. Crownhealth Kyuri contains the active principles responsible for the well-known soothing and calmly activity and it is a powerful candidate for innovation in the cosmetic market. Gherkins have long been recognised for their soothing effects on the skin, although the active properties have never been fully identified.
Following years of studies, Naturalea has been able to demonstrate the soothing effect of this powerful active ingredient. Naturalea’s high-tech extraction process (patent applied for) helps to create a very concentrated product. Boosting an absence of chemicals and chemical solvents, Crownhealth Kyuri is ideal for:

  • Sunburn relief emulsions and creams
  • facial / body repair and regenerative creams and emulsions
  • rehydrating waters, soothing waters
  • soothing and cleaning tissues

Naturalea has completed a full scale clinical trial with a soothing cream based exclusively on Kyuri as active ingredient. The results confirm the soothing properties of this special, innovative extract towards:

  • skin irritated by exposure to chemicals
  • skin erythema caused by IR (infrared) exposure

A similar soothing effect on UV caused inflammation had been previously documented by in-vitro test on 3D skin model. Kyuri seems to be the perfect choice for innovative sunburn reliefs systems targeted at reducing the damages and removing the erythema due to sun (UV+IR) exposure.

LPS 10 μg/ml + Kyuri 0 μg/ml 24 h

LPS 10 μg/ml + Kyuri 2000 μg/ml 24 h

Inflammation causes detachment and disruption in the endothelial cells: the addition of Kyuri repairs the damage and smooths the texture back into a continuous, undamaged tissue.

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